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How well do you know your customer? Do you know when they are ready to buy? Or what makes them choose your brand? What are your competitors doing to influence their decisions?

To objectively plan and negotiate your media, access to key resources necessary for evaluation of ALL media options is critical. Asher Media maintains the media resources necessary to research, evaluate, plan, negotiate, monitor and reconcile media buys on your behalf.

We invest in the kinds of strategic, demographic and psychographic resources you just wouldn't expect from a company our size. Because of this, we can better identify your customers, their buying habits and lifestyles, and even their brand preferences.

We can also help analyze your competitors and their media strategies to help you allocate your media investment more effectively.

Asher Media subscribes to the following research tools:

• Nielsen Audio (General Market & Hispanic)
• Mediamark Research & Intelligence, Inc. (MRI)
• Nielsen Television Research (General Market & Hispanic)
• Kantar Media (Stradegy/Ad$pender)
• Scarborough
• Spot Quotations and Data (SQAD)
• Standard Rates & Data Service (SRDS)

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