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Asher Media knows how to take your objectives, target audience and budget and weave these into a targeted media plan to accomplish your goals. And we know how to negotiate the most value for your money.

In this highly connected era, Asher Media has adopted a unified media approach to plans and buys that are consumer-centric. We don’t put media vehicles in silos or buckets. Our goal is to identify the content that is most relevant to the consumer and then determine the best content providers and devices to reach them. We feel that in a mass media campaign, digital is an extension of every medium and needs to be planned accordingly.  Digital is another video screen or audio station.  However, we recognize that there could be client objectives that are best achieved through digital-only campaigns. That’s why we work with our clients to establish goals and KPIs for each campaign and we develop plans designed to accomplish these objectives, with ongoing optimization and analytics to ensure success and learning.  Through our partnership with a 3rd party ad server, we are able to provide valuable metrics, reporting and insights to our digital campaigns to ensure performance against established objectives, as well as ongoing optimizations.

Our relationships with media sales representatives are one of our most valuable assets. Built over years of planning and buying media throughout the country, we've established one-on-one relationships with virtually every media property.

We think of ourselves as friendly adversaries with the media. We make it our goal to get more of what they have to sell for less of your money. We are consistently providing unique opportunities that may be of value to our clients.

This means getting the best value for your budget, but we always treat the media with respect so they will, in turn, look out for your business .

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